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200 Million Eyeballs A Day

An estimated 50 percent of active Facebook users take the time to log into Facebook each and every day. That’s some 200 million people coming to this site daily.

The amount of time people spend on Facebook means there is an advertising goldmine waiting for you.

Facebook isn’t a site that people login to and leave right away. An estimated 700 billion minutes are spent by users on the site each and every month. This means a lot of time clicking through pages and gaining exposure to ads and plenty of other materials.

Here are a few FB Stats.

More than 500 million active users
50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
Average user has 130 friends
People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

This is Global reach!

If it’s your intent to market to a global clientele, Facebook is the place to turn for assistance. This site has 70 different translations available for just about every country on the map. In fact, an estimated 70 percent of the site’s users are living outside of the United States. This means Facebook advertisers can target people living just about anywhere in the world or they can attempt to reach them all with a broad-based campaign.

Facebook’s overall monthly usage statistics make it one of the biggest players on the Internet today. If you’re ready to give up on Adwords, Facebook has the exposure your advertising needs to capture attention, siphon traffic in your direction and help you realize your sales goals.

While the numbers clearly speak for themselves, there are other factors that make this site attractive to online marketers. The social aspect of the site can work as a powerful force in savvy advertisers’ favor. Plus, the targeting potential bores down deeper than a search engine could possibly pull off.

The Viral Potential of Facebook

Operating in a similar vein to sites such as YouTube and MySpace, Facebook provides advertisers and promoters the ability to see their information go “viral.” This means one user becomes a fan and in doing so tells their entire network of friends about a product, service or website. These friends, in turn, tell their friends, essentially providing a tremendous boost with word of mouth advertising.

Courtesy of Facebook pages and the simple “like” button displayed on all ads, the viral potential on this site is amazing. If you are lucky enough to have your ads or information go viral, you can gain a number of instant benefits that money just cannot buy. Since this form of advertising is word-of-mouth, friends of friends tend to see it as genuine and trustworthy.

Facebook is actually designed to lend itself to viral marketing campaigns. When one user clicks on the “like” button for an ad or joins a page, that user’s friends can see the action on their own news feeds. This, in turn, can pique that user’s friends’ curiosity and entice them to check out the link personally. If those people choose to join a fan page or decide to “like” an ad, all their friends can see that action and the process repeats itself on a scale that is potentially much, much larger.

If your ads or information manage to “go viral” on Facebook, your potential for incoming traffic and sales can go through the roof. This is especially so if you have taken the time to complement advertising efforts with a fan page that boasts direct links to your business website.

All the benefits of good old fashion word-of-mouth advertising are alive and well on the Internet and can be found on Facebook if you play your cards right.

Facebook’s social networking features make it stand out as a tremendous asset to businesses. This can be the case whether they advertise or not, but coupling the two is often the best strategy to get your marketing on Facebook to go Viral!


There are plenty of places you can turn to spend your online advertising dollars, so why should you choose Facebook. There are numerous reasons why this social networking site is ready, willing and very able to help you supercharge your business. The best reason to select Facebook is found in the fact that advertisers actually see results when they carefully craft campaigns for release on this site. Plus, they get their results for less money than Google Adwords costs to produce.

If you’re not convinced that Facebook is right for you, a look at some basic numbers and potential spinoff benefits will make the edge this site offers clear. Facebook is not like anything else out there and it beats Google hands down for a number of reasons. From the potential exposure Facebook ads can receive to the viral potential of fan pages, the list of reasons to give this site a go for advertising just goes on and on.

Imagine having the ability to reach out and touch millions of people with a single ad that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to produce or release. If you select Facebook for your advertising needs, you won’t have to imagine. A simple look at this site’s statistics makes it very clear the potential the site has to offer.

Facebook is an incredibly huge online community with “residents” from just about every country in the world. This site experiences more monthly page views than even Google and its design is different than any search engine can boast. The very things that set social networking sites apart from search engines are the strengths that make Facebook such a sound advertising choice.

According to Facebook’s own press materials, this site is huge and it’s getting even bigger all the time. The statistics regarding membership and usage that are of interest to potential advertisers include:

Number of registered users

As of June 22, 2011 Facebook has an estimated 500 million users who are considered active. This number continues to grow every month. That number, by the way, is more than the entire population of the United States, which the Census Bureau has pinned down to about 309 million.

If you are not advertising on Facebook yet, you need to be!